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Here you will find downloads of my thoughts and mediations to find happiness, health and prosperity. The opinions and mediations are simple and quickly followed. The style is one of simplicity and clarity. 

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Today's Actions

The essay works by focussing on daily tasks and completing objectives with calm and patience is key to happiness. I use simple examples to reinforce the sentiments of the essay. The theme is strengthened with careful repetition of ideas and true stories taken from interviews recorded during the last decade:

Price £5:00 - Today's Actions


A three minute meditation - The meditation suggests negative acts restrict life progress and good and beneficial actions enhance our visibility and therefore enrich our lives.

Answers - Free Download


A 40-minute insight into why the objects, situations, and people we dislike can be a source of positive change. Those who focus on negative ideas will eventually only see the negatives aspects of all situations. I suggest anathemas (the things we dislike or hate) produce thought pattern which prevent happiness. The ideas put forward are contentious.

Price £5-00 - Anathema

Giving - The Key to Wealth

Everyone has read or listened to the idea that the more we giveth the more we’ll receive. A statement that does have merit, although, as many ‘givers’ will bear testament giving does not always mean you’ll receive anything in return.

Many will reply ‘I do not give to receive’: giving is an act of self-understanding and compassion. Once a gift is made one receives an inner reward beyond gold. I love to give, and the feeling of being generous is inwardly satisfying. And people remember the gift and if they become aware of the sense of ‘receiving’, they may make a difference in people’s lives through generosity.

Price £5-00 - Giving - The Key to Wealth


A talk was recorded at Eric Henderson's Mansfield Show. Journalling's one of the greatest ways to self-awareness. This well-received presentation provides an insight into the ways of and benefits of keeping records of one's life and objectives. 

Price £5-00 - Journalling

Prosperity Meditation

Yes: There are hundreds of prosperity mediations available. And this one is written using the simple meditation I use daily. Anywho choose to review my achievements cannot dispute my methods are effective. This mediation will have a powerful effect on the inner-being. The process is simple: take a sheet of paper: draw symbols of your objectives: Use short words to clarify the goals, and keep the images simple. It does not matter if you cannot draw like an artist. It is your symbolism, your words, your desires. The mediation instructs the listener. Download onto a phone, tablet, lap and desktop. Listen to the meditation until you understand the sequence.

Accept and self-forgiveness
Open your heart
Consider the symbolism you have drawn

Price £5-00: Prosperity Meditation

Dealing With Depression

This MP3 download is a synopsis of how Ian deals with depression. It is not a cure or method of change. The suggestions work for Ian. The download was written during the 2020 C-19 crisis. Many people were subject to life challenging situations and will be mentally damaged for many years to come:

Price £5:00: Dealing With Depression 


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