Audio Recordings

If you are a creative writer explore the potential of audio promotion. Personal recordings help potential readers gain insight into your persona. Artists express their inner-thoughts through the chosen medium. No matter if the conduit is paint, words, photography, or music. How the image, essay, book, sculpture, song or painting resonates with those who explore the creation is the difference between success and failure. 

Audio recording of one's thoughts can encourage readers to buy books. The spoken word is a powerful way to reveal one's creative being. After listening to the artist's life and thoughts, many people buy their work. It is worth considering the way thriving artists are perceived has a bearing on their success.

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Today's Actions

The essay works through the idea that focussing on daily tasks and completing objectives with calm and patience is key to happiness. I use simple examples to reinforce the sentiments of the essay. The theme is strengthened with careful repetition of ideas and true stories taken from interviews recorded during the last decade: £2:00 - Today's Actions


A three minute meditation - The meditation suggests negative acts restrict life progress and good and beneficial actions enhance our visibility and therefore enrich our lives.  Free Download - Answers


A 40-minute insight into why the objects, situations, and people we dislike can be a source of positive change. Those who focus on negative ideas will eventually only see the negatives aspects of all situations. I suggest anathemas (the things we dislike or hate) produce thought pattern which prevent happiness. The ideas put forward are contentious.  £2-00 - Anathema


A talk recorded at Eric Henderson's Mansfield Show. Journalling's one of the greatest ways to self-awareness. This well received presentation provides an insight into the ways of and benefits of keeping records of one's life and objectives. £2-00 - Journalling


Visit my iTunes Podcasts platform. Discover interviews made with Jon Sharp and spontaneous recordings. To align the podcasts with 'Write: Publish and Promote a Book' the focus of future recordings will be: Written word: Photographic techniques: Self publishing and Promotion. iTunes

How to Write Publish and Promote a Book

This concise book teaches how to focus on writing style and discipline. Use Scrivener writing software to produce the manuscript. Offers suggestions as to why Kindle is a sound starting point for self publishing. And finally covers promotion of the finished edition.  Write Publish Promote