Audio Recordings

Sometimes, when I am drafting or finishing an article or essay, the item is audio recorded so I can review the sentiment of the material. Of course, the recording is made wherever I am at the time — for example, Studland Beach, a city centre; desolate moors and The Vosges mountain region. The background ambience gives a depth of feeling to the sentiments of the idea.

I recommend all creative writers should explore the area of audio promotion. Potential readers will gain insight into your persona. All artists express their inner-self through the chosen medium. No matter if the medium is paint, words, photographic images, or music. How our work resonates with those who explore our creation is the difference between success and failure.

Readers, viewers or listeners of our work become more interested when they know more about the creative persona. It is worth considering the relationship between thriving artists and how they are perceived. This aspect of promotion and reader awareness is examined in 'Write: Publish and Promote a Book'.

Click on the image next to the description and download the article. Some MP3's are without charge.

Today's Actions

The essay works through the idea that focussing on daily tasks and completing objectives with calm and patience will free us from worry. I use simple examples to reinforce the sentiments of the essay. The theme is strengthened with careful repetition of ideas and true stories taken from interviews recorded over the last eight years. £2-00


A three minute meditation - I examine the idea of not looking for answers in the past is the way to become free to live in the future. The meditation also considers the premise that negative acts diminish our 'Being' and good and beneficial actions enhance our visibility and therefore enrich our lives. Free


A 40-minute insight into why the things, situations, and people we dislike can be a source of positive change. The idea that those who focus on negative ideas will eventually only see the negatives aspects of all situations is explored.

The writer contends our anathemas (the things we dislike or hate) can produce a thought pattern which becomes restricts our life. Some will consider the ideas put forward as contentious. The essay is scripted to make the listener think carefully about the suggestions offered. £2-00


A talk recorded at Eric Henderson's Mansfield Show. If there is a way to discover the inner-self self journalling's one of the greatest tools in the box. 

This well received presentation provides an insight into the ways of and benefits of keeping records of one's life and objectives. £2-00


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To align the podcasts with 'Write: Publish and Promote a Book' the focus of future recordings will be on the: Written word: Self publishing and Promotion.