This site is the primary source of information about Ian Timothy's books, recordings, and philosophies. His writing is devoted to becoming free from worry and understanding the Philosophy of Selfness. There are four pages. Introduction. ‘Never Let Anything Worry You.' Selfness. And Shop the MP3 download and book sales page.

In 2005 I started to audio record social documentary's. There is now has a catalogue of over 650 audio and 80+ video interviews. My technique has advanced and now covers far more than social history during the conversations. The primary investigation is why some people are successful and many are not. The interviews provide insightful clues into the reasons people follow certain life paths. After three years of research, I wrote the first version of ‘Never Let Anything Worry You.' This book was a success although flawed in many respects: Grammar, clarity, and consistency were valid criticisms. The book is now in better shape than the original edition, and is amended every month.

During 2006 I began to write and produce meditational Cds. Many people continue to ask about the recordings and ask why they are no longer available. The content was based upon the concept of 'Critical Thinking' and spiritual ideas. The two avenues of thought are oil and water. In truth, many of the sentiments on the various Cd’s conflicted with each other. It was decided to withdraw them from sale.

Become aware of the simplicity of the website; Black on white and monochrome imagery. The design emphasises the approach to my thinking and writing. The spoken word MP3 downloads emphasise content and information. This simplicity reflects the style of my written word. The recording are not made in a studio. Studland Beach, a city centre or a desolate moor are examples of where Ian will make a recording. 

I do not reflect upon the past. The ghosts of those I knew, or the immense waste. It is today which contributes to any lifetime. My life is private, the reader will not discover information about my life on this website. Find the me in my work. The nature of the philosophies will agitate a closed mind. Somewhere in my work I comment: 'A man without beliefs will be most often disliked, this is the way of the tribe who thrive upon supposition.' The reader will have to think carefully to understand the sentence.

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