'How to Create: Publish and Promote a Book'

The book's title is self-explanatory. Its contents are not complicated to follow and will fulfil the title's purpose. By following the methodology a completed book has a good chance of selling. Indeed, the promotional ideas suggested have probably bought you to this site today. You will have clicked a link somewhere: or searched the internet, and the funnels of promotion I set up will have guided you to this page.

'How to Create: Publish and Promote a Book' does not examine writing skill or ability, although suggestions are made on how to produce memorable text. Readers will learn about mind-centred writing and how focusing on specific aspects of the creative process will make the writing process enjoyable.

'How to Create: Publish and Promote a Book' is a short read, only twenty-thousand words long. It is a simple to understand textbook which fulfils its promise. To this end no unnecessary information is included to 'fill out' the text. It is unique because it is written, published and promoted using the methods taught in the chapters.

A potential reader should be aware that the method is systematic. No comparisons or alternative methods are covered. A series of simple techniques are followed, which allows the writer to focus on the creation of a clean and saleable manuscript. 'How to Create: Publish and Promote a Book' is written from a professional freelance writer's perspective. The information is factual. The system has enabled me to produce financially profitable articles, essays and eleven one-hundred-thousand word book commissions.

'How to Create: Publish and Promote a Book' will be available for £3-00 as a Kindle download 28 January 2020 and in paperback (price £8-00 including postage) 15th February 2020. 

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