The Labyrinth

I encourage people think off the wall: seeing life from a non-conformist perspective. Encouraging an expansive way of reviewing life helps to discover reasons for successes and failures. Anyone who free's themselves from self-limiting beliefs see opportunities previously unseen.

Like many people's live's, mine was one of promise followed by failure. Some stay in the trap: some escape. The question is ‘Do they know how they escaped?’ The bid for freedom is one of learning and tests. So complex is the labyrinth of life it is easy to forget there is a map. 

While lost in the darkest recess of the labyrinth a choice had to be made. I realised the exit would be discovered in learning the process of success: In other words, I had to discover an alternative way of negotiating my life. Knowing full well, if I failed, all would be lost. Of course, many do not care about attainment. And this is fine. It is easy to live a life of conformity. Any thought of success should be based on a desire for freedom. We choose to stay trapped in the dead ends of the labyrinth or search for the way to freedom.

Success is accumulative. Earn a pound, reinvest and earn another. In time sufficient funds accumulate to change our lives: we enjoy being free. Right thinking is also accumulative, the more viewpoints, the greater the probability of enjoying the freedom of success. However, one has to think with care. There are blind alleys encountered in the labyrinth. Desire for wealth is one such blind ally. Desiring a perfect life or partner are similar blind alleys.

While writing a short story, I enjoyed a profound realisation. Pursuing wealth is a poor way to attain security. Indeed the pursuit of wealth without knowing how wealth is acquired results in failure. An obvious statement. Although, millions of people have lost, and will continue to lose billions attempting to be wealthy. We should conclude the reason is not understanding the process of wealth. And I write of all wealths: Spiritual: Creative: Emotional: Intellectual: Material.

I see attaining an objective is like crossing a river. And my river has stepping stones. And the river is seen as one of knowledge and wisdom: it is fast flowing and dangerous. Dangerous? Yes! Wisdom and knowledge can easily take you away from the objective. Filling the mind with factual information: not creative imagination. Once I realised the real purpose and my heart’s desire. I discovered the way out of the labyrinth: the objective is to share the knowledge of community-driven and non-profit focussed businesses.

Open One’s Heart

Nothing truly great and worthwhile happens that does not come from one’s true self. People used to see me as weak and foolish because of my generosity. Even when times were hard, I gave money and possessions away. Lent people tools, equipment and even a car which was written off by the ‘friend’. And yes! Nothing was returned, and I had to pay for the vehicle. And Yet: I still gave, the giving made me happy.

Although it has taken decades to realise the extraordinary feeling generosity gives my inner-being was incorrectly interpreted. Today I understand my true self. My great forte is working in non-profit centred businesses and using my knowledge of media to bring people together and to see them prosper. Once I gave materially and failed. Today, I provide my expertise in community-based businesses. The result is mutual success and prosperity. For decades my happiness was giving: I did not realise, my gifts should have been, creative and intellectual, not material!

Magic Happens

As my businesses continue to grow, something magical has happened. People are prepared to pay a fee to listen to the story of the non-profit focussed LizianEvents organisation. While seeking to learn the map of the labyrinth:  stagecraft and communication skills became part of the process. And the immense knowledge gained from building a community-driven business and stagecraft are combined to produce a superb presentation.

If you have a business: large or small, there are immense lessons to be learned from watching my presentation. I consider People Before Profit - Community Centred Business - Delegation - Social Media Promotion as viable facets used to build a substantial and paradoxically, a profitable organisation. If your business is stagnating or losing direction: Give me a call, a new way of considering a tired and failing enterprise can make magic happen.

Ian Timothy

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