I am an alternative thinker and writer and I consider life as harsh and demanding. Survival in this world demands right-thinking and acceptance of reality. Some years ago, I wondered why my life had been a useless exercise. Nothing went well, and money earned quickly slipped through my fingers. Once we begin to think and search for the unconditional truth life changes: accepting reality makes one tungsten hard and broken glass sharp: a price worth paying for the immense rewards.

For years I was emotionally centred: after a decade of reinvention my thoughts are guided by emotional-intelligence. Lifetime is no longer wasted, the past and its people and issues are dissolved. Today money earned stays in my accounts: I own property and earn a good living: my environment is comfortable and easily negotiated

'There is no better feeling than being without debt: You wake up every morning and life is your own: it is not owned by banks, credit card and loan companies or mortgage institutions'

I am materially driven: money is energy and life hours become money though work and effort. Readers of my work discover ways to become materially secure. But do not think I suggest laws of the Universe or Hocus Pocus are the way to security. My suggestions are far nearer to earth and require dedication. When we become financially secure life is easier and without the burden of debt: we become intellectually and emotionally balanced. If buying basic needs are a daily concern we become consumed by earning enough to survive. Do you know this situation? The book 'Never Let Anything Worry You' can guide the reader to see ways of financial security. 

Lectrice wrote a review of my work:

"I appreciate very much the book. No one was ever able to influence my thinking about flying as this author. In the middle of the book I had an urge to look other his work and it is somewhat difficult find. I found 'Never Let Anything Worry You' by visiting his web page and so I bought it at once. I recommend the book for anyone with even a small problem of anxiety. The get rich quick "therapy" is an idea of genius. I plan to reread the book several times since it has applications (as I see it) also in other domains. I encourage the author to share all his experience and wisdom. We can all gain from it. In my opinion the book merits to be on a bestseller list. It is the most useful book I have ever read (except one other) in my almost sixty years".

Lectrice's words justify my tapping of keys and recording thoughts. I'm no inspiration: In fact, I do not rate inspirational writers or speakers. My belief is most 'perform' for money and manipulate the weak-minded. I write and record my thoughts because I wish for people to be happy and secure: and prosperity comes through effort, wisdom and understanding of the 'wealth process'.

I'm thankful people buy my work and sometimes make kind, and often vitriolic comments. Either way - five stars or one - someone has read my words. So thank you for being here and looking at my work.

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