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This site is the source of information about my books, recordings, and philosophies. 'Freedom From Worry' and 'The Philosophy of Selfness' are focal points of my work.   


In 2005 I started to audio record social documentaries. The catalogue of over 650 audio and 80+ video interviews contains compelling evidence that success has a formula. During recordings, I ask interviewees about their methods of success and ask them for their opinions of why some objectives fail and others bear fruit. After three years of re-listening and cross-referencing the recordings: I wrote the first edition of ‘Never Let Anything Worry You.'


In 2006 I began to write and produce meditational CDs, in 2014 the production came to an end. I'm asked 'Why are the meditations are no longer available?' The answer is that the content is based on two concepts: 'Critical Thinking' and 'Spiritual Philosophies'. The two avenues are oil and water and the sentiments on the various Cd’s conflicted. So I decided to withdraw them from sale even though many thousands of copies were sold. My focus became writing not meditational recordings. 


My motivation is to write and record material which supports 'The Philosophy of Selfness'. I desire that some people will become successful and wealthy from the ideas discovered in my work. I confess to being surprised when receiving invitations to talk about 'The Philosophy of Selfness'.

Who am I?

I am driven by the future, with no reflection to the past. I have no beliefs; no doctrines impress me. A clue to my persona is that I believe humans should strive for anonymity.

My perspective is a man without beliefs is free to think with clarity. The majority will ostracise him, or consider him dangerous, because of his open-minded attitude. Close-mindedness is the way of tribes who thrive upon supposition and lies.  

Ian Timothy

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