Thank You for visiting my site - My mission is ART - I believe writing and photography are artistic mediums - Any individual who pursues happiness through artistic endeavour will find calm in their self expression and build many 'Palace's of Inner Peace' which are represented by each of their finished works.


I write about anything I love, I have NO CONCERN for critics they are always 'know all - know nothing' supressors of an individuals right to symbolise their own thoughts - If you get no further than this paragraph I have succeeded in my life mission! Which is to remind everyone that the artist should answer to no one for their creative work - You are a individual, no other can judge you because you are beyond compare.

My work is on going, always in devlopement - I do not not have to win anything, be the richest, care for anything other than happiness, to enjoy life is my only desire, any who cause me unhappiness are removed, I do not require pain in my life.


This site is a conduit of communication - If you are here you have probably read something I have written, listened to me talk at a seminar, seen one of my pictures or I have given you one of my cards. If you need a MP3 download of my recordings you will need to contact me directly as I am re-recording nine new tracks which will be finished in November 2014.


Thanks For Looking