Corporate Presentations

1. Contemporary Leadership

Progressive leadership is about open-minded thinking and understanding the difference between sales and marketing. The ability to unify people is paramount to the success of businesses competing with global concerns. Customers will pay more for quality, and quality is demonstrated through marketing the ethos of a business. This is the foundation of Contemporary Leadership.

Ian Timothy's business (  LizianEvents ) has become the yardstick for people organising wellbeing events. After exhibiting at similar events for many years, he knew they could be far better, so he changed the format, attitude and ethos. So influential has been his methodology, and the competition has taken on many of his ideas. Ian's events are centred on all aspects of alternative health and wellbeing. With a passion for detail and exceptional communicational ability, Ian has changed how exhibitors and visitors perceive alternative health.

He is dedicated to contemporary leadership. Every aspect of his business is driven towards the assets of sharing and encouragement. The sharing of excellent business practices, and encouraging new companies to begin the journey to success.

The idea behind Contemporary Leadership is the unification of all involved within a business or project. One individual may have goods sales techniques, another is a good accountant, and the third may be a creative musician. A contemporary leader can harness the team's assets and help them cross-pollinate their expertise.

Contemporary Leadership Provides:

Better staff relationships
Higher productivity
Super job satisfaction
Staff loyalty
Inspiring and creative ideas
Substantial increase in profit

During Ian's ninety-minute presentation, he uses the operational and profitable LizianEvents business to demonstrate how Contemporary Leadership can help any business. The presentation teaches delegates about replication, emotional empathy, emotional intelligence and unified purpose. Of course, there will be managers and leaders who have successful methods. Therefore there may be resistance to the suggestions; this is part of the seminar! After the presentation, the audience will understand the techniques of persuasion and nurturing that can take a manager to a leader. And delegates will learn potent alternatives that can integrate into their daily workflow.

There are tens of 'inspirational speakers' in the corporate world. Most talk of drive, ambition, the force of will, and attention to detail. How many run a business? How many can evidence the effect of their ideas? The hands-on and actuality of his methods are why Ian's presentation about Contemporary Leadership resonates with his audience. They will recognise the difficulties of relationships and business practices Ian discusses during the presentation.

Ian's presentational skills are exceptional. The audience will undoubtedly understand the presentation's message and purpose. All who attend will leave with ideas to consider or indeed utilise. Delegates will leave without doubt about Ian's ability and the potential of Contemporary Leadership.

Ian is represented by Amigo Talent 

2. Social Media

While building the business LizianEvents Ian harnessed the power of social media promotion. Media promotion helped make the LizianEvents organisation successful in a competitive industry. As evidence of the potential, consider the LizianEvents website enjoys 9000+ visits per month, and the Well Being Shows attract over 10000 visitors annually. Social media promotion works!

If there is an interest in promoting business through social media, Ian can help. He uses the successful LizianEvents business to demonstrate how a company can be taken from unknown to number one. 

The audience will be captivated by Ian's insights and creativity. This ninety-minutes seminar on social media promotion leaves the audience with a mind full of prosperity seeds.

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