Never Let Anything Worry You

'Never Let Anything Worry You' guides the reader to rethink their immediate environment. Philosophies in each chapter provide the reader with threads of thought that help overcome unnecessary worry.

'Never Let Anything Worry You' considers a philosophy called 'Selfness'. 'The Philosophy of Selfness' evolved from isolating the methods used by successful people. After recording hundreds of interviews, I concluded that successful people follow similar formulae and choices. Each essay reflects on the methods used by successful people.

Successful people accumulate facts, use intelligent reasoning and understand the power of interaction. People who enjoy the experience of wealth have followed a determined path. There is no doubt in my mind success has a formula. 'Never Let Anything Worry You' reveals the keys to attaining the mindset of happiness and the attainment of wealth. Cynics may claim this is impossible; I'll wager a pound for a penny; happiness and wealth are not part of their lives.  

Successful people utilise communication, intelligence, critical thought, emotional stability, and creativity. They understand trust and mutual profit are essential to attaining wealth and prosperity. Few succeed without the support of others. There is no room for excuses or half-hearted commitment. 

The concept of 'Selfness' helps us make life as straightforward as possible. Being happy is more manageable than being unhappy. To those who disagree: I answer: 'You can be happy if you refuse to allow negative attitudes or people into your life' The counter-argument then becomes: 'This is not possible: I answer, 'If this is your belief, you may well discover toward the end of life, it is a false belief'. Selfness suggests that choosing not to interact with adverse situations and people is an important life choice. 

'Selfness' is an understanding of essential individuality. Knowing if the potential of 'Selfness' is worthy of investigation is discovered in the answers to three questions:

1) 'Do I desire to discover my essential purpose?' 

2) 'Do I accept if I owe nothing and never enter into any form of debt, I become free to do as I desire?' 

3) 'Do I have an obligation to help those who will not help themselves?'

The three questions become the seeds of thought. They will help the reader decide if 'The Philosophy of Selfness' is worth consideration. 

Selfness is an understanding of essential individuality. This means understanding one's character and personality on a profound level. It is a journey which builds inner security and self-confidence.

Selfness is an understanding of and acceptance of reality. The philosophy guides the reader to live within basic rules and limitations. For Example: Prioritising personal objectives: Understanding personal environments: making the most of every day: And learning to save a percentage of one's income. Although we do not have to fly solo, the outcome will be more readily achieved if the goals are shared with a partner. I give examples of this in 'Never Let Anything Worry You'.

Do not confuse Selfness with selfishness: 

Selfishness is the meanness of heart: an extension of greed. Greed is the need to possess and own people and objects beyond practical needs. Selfishness is an inability to share or be fair or live within moral principles.

Living debt free is a lifelong commitment. There are many forms of debt - emotional, conscience, social, society, and material. To be debt free releases the individual to live within freedom. The sacrifices made are forgotten once this objective is attained.

External environments are complex: So focus on one's 'Close Personal Environment' - This excerpt from chapter one guides the reader to the ethos of Selfness: 

"The objective of wealth and security can be attained by anyone living in the Western World. They can take advantage of a system of wealth. The system can be used to become secure: it is in three parts:- 

1) Employment. 

2) Banking. 

3) Property. 

This system of wealth requires a man to work. Save until he can secure a mortgage and pay off the loan early. 

The reader is not deceived: there is no promise of millions or mansions. The premise is: Work, save and own your home, sacrifice early to enjoy life to its best advantage later on. Much of life has the same process of success: 

1) Work. 

2) Save or learn. 

3) Success of objectives. 

Readers decide to agree or not with the essays (chapters) in the book. All ideas can be tested or dismissed. Many articles describe how to avoid the jackals who take money from your pocket. I reference money throughout the book. Being unable to earn and manage money is a primary cause of unhappiness. Those who believe money is evil most often fear the next bill dropping into the postbox".

The book is not a panacea for worry. Although, many readers find it a refreshing change from self-help books. Truth to tell, the download is ninety-nine pence. There is little to lose and many thoughts to gain. Why the low price? Sharing is caring.

I know all humankind should be without debt and worry. I continue to write articles, essays and short stories which demonstrate how 'selfness' works to personal advantage. I will consider 'The Philosophy of Selfness' until I enter my last sleep.

Lectrice wrote a review of my work:

"I appreciate the book very much. No one was ever able to influence my thinking about flying as this author. In the middle of the book, I had an urge to look for his work, which is somewhat difficult to find. I found 'Never Let Anything Worry You' by visiting his web page, so I bought it. I recommend the book for anyone with even a small problem of anxiety. The get rich quick "therapy" is an idea of genius. I plan to reread the book several times since it has applications (as I see it) also in other domains. I encourage the author to share all his experiences and wisdom. We can all gain from it. In my opinion, the book merits being on a bestseller list. It is the most useful book I have ever read (except one other) in almost sixty years".

Lectrice's words justify my tapping of keys and recording thoughts. I'm no inspiration: I do not rate inspirational writers or speakers. My belief is most 'perform' for money and manipulate the weak-minded. I write and record my thoughts because I wish for people to be happy and secure: prosperity comes through effort, wisdom and understanding of the 'wealth process'.

I'm thankful people buy my work and sometimes make kind and often vitriolic comments. Either way - five stars or one - someone has read my words: thank you.

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