The Philosophy of Selfness

"This book is ground breaking. It demands thought and a robust mind. One word - Fantastic"
Darren Stanton (Celebrity Psychologist)


The Philosophy of Selfness

Selfness is an understanding of the inner being and essential individuality.

If the desire is to become wealthy in health, intellect emotion and creativity: ‘The Philosophy of Selfness’ will help you consider life from different perspectives. If the objective is to become materially wealthy the four assets of health, intellect, emotional balance and a creative mind will help you achieve this objective.

My work is focussed on ‘The Philosophy of Selfness’. My fictional stories are ideas based upon conscience and outcomes of poor choices. Downloads offer impressions of how success is waiting for the whole lifetime. The suggestion that age is a limitation to success or tuning life around is an illusion. As the body ages, the information retained from life experiences compensate for its failings.

The Philosophy of Selfness towers above the so-called guru or motivational speakers who are illusion. They talk about their failings and how they became successful. This rhetoric is the bait to catch the unwary prey. Their success is made by selling motivation. Motivation is nothing without the wisdom and understanding of the rules of life. Those who know the truth of life understand one man’s way will not work for another man. The disciples become inspired from recycled ideas for a day, week or month. In the long term, the discovery is the follower can never become guru.

I am a successful businessman (☞ my events business) this enables me to live a life of simplicity and many wealths. If you desire wealth you'll find the ways of the wealthy within my books. The ideas written of are realities, not salesman's anecdote. My writing is not sanctimonious drivel or recycled ideas. You’ll not read, hear or watch any spiritual or religious doctrine in my work. 

To learn about themselves people could be guided to do as is desired. Then learn to understand the implications of their actions - Good or Bad. I cannot offer miracles or methods of magic. Readers are offered ways to think about life. No doubt many ideas will seem like corse files abrading one's principles. I hope so because it is not my intention to write to gain friends. 

I intend to fulfil three objectives during 2019. One is to publish ‘The Philosophy of Selfness’ in paperback. Two is to record thirty MP3 downloads. Three is to produce at least ten videos focussed on ‘The Philosophy of Selfness’. If you wish to discover the progress of the goals join my mailing list by using the form below.

Ian Timothy

1st January 2019