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The second edition of my book 'Never Let Anything Worry You' will be released in April. This download is a recording of the chapter 'Today's Actions.' 

The MP3 Download essay works through the idea that those who focus on daily tasks and complete their objectives with calm and patience will free themselves from worry. I use simple examples to reinforce the sentiments of the essay. The theme is strengthened with careful repetition of ideas and true stories taken from some of the hundreds of interviews recorded over the last eight years.

This MP3 Download three minute meditation is named 'Answers' - It considers the idea of not looking for answers as a way to become free to live in the future not the past. The meditation also consider the premise that negative acts diminish our Being and good and beneficial actions enhance our visibility and therefore enrich our lives.

A Conversation With The Astrologer Mr Phil Bowler recorded at the Mansfield M.B.S Event.

This is a MP3 Download short interview with Phil Bowler. He explains the reasons for the changes which are occurring in his life at this moment. He also comments on specific aspects of Astrology and indicates how to use this ancient art for present-day choices.