Philosophy of Selfness

It is important the open-minded thinker reviews the social system he lives within. The human beehive requires drones and leaders: To function well the system we call establishment needs to control the people is is supposed to serve. The failing's of 'the system' affects all of us. One example which is causing a social crisis: Is the lack of public housing which results in public money filling the pockets of private landlords. Government rent subsidy is a shameful waste of taxes. which increases the price of homes beyond the reach poor people. 

Many people become indoctrinated by illusion of wealth.
Very few enjoy a life-long journey of self-discovery.

Think about the two sentences with patience and listen to your inner being's opinion of the statements. 

The 'Philosophy of Selfness' guides us to ask: -

'Is the delusion of possession more valuable than the possession of a debt free life?' Is it better to understand 'the system' or blindly follow the moral brainwashing which restricts free thought? An individualist who considers the 'Philosophy of Selfness would consider all opinions.. 

Disorted realities become delusions. Many exist using a thinking process learned in the formative years. Millions work for little money and are in a limbo of debts. The only reward for their toil, is the possibility of a decade of retirement before the end of life. The social systems indoctrination leads them to believe this is the best they can expect. 

Exchange the word life for compromise and discover a different way of thinking about your existence. An acute observer of the compromise may suspect society is a vacuum which takes all. He may also see nothing is given in return for his contribution apart from manipulative rhetoric. Those who talk of the realities of the compromise are castigated as selfish or given demeaning titles; anti-social, ignorant, without compassion. For example, to say no to the charity collector is believed to be the attitude of the mean and greedy.

Selfness is about responsibility and integrity. The philosophy asks a simple question ‘If you lived by your efforts and became responsible for your environment. Would your compromise become a life?’ It is a compelling question, an initial seed of thought, which allows the Philosophy of Selfness to grow within one's psyche. Selfness questions beliefs and supposition, asking this question: 'Is this true?' The idea is to accept and respect the opinions of other people. Providing there is no attempt to indoctrinate, all is well. At the instant of sensing, ‘My way is the way’ a human who desire to live within freedom will turn away.

The book ‘Philosophy of Selfness’ will be complete in December 2017. It follows on from ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’ a successful and respected book of free thought. The essence of Ian Timothy’s writing and philosophies can be explored by reading his weekly WordPress essay and listening to his Podcasts.

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