Never Let Anything Worry You

Kindle is the only platform to purchase the e-book. The updated paperback version will be available from the shop page in September 2017. Readers of the paper copies are encouraged to mark up and notate the books to make them their own. Some chapters of the new version will be available as MP3 downloads from the shop page. There is no charge for the downloads. The recordings feature my voice. I feel the listener will receive a deeper understanding of the philosophies when narrated by myself.

We all make mistakes

I made a major mistake when I published the updated file of this book in July 2017. I uploaded the draft file of the manuscript. Whoever downloaded the book before the 28th of July, could not have made sense of the document. I was reminded of a valuable lesson, no, not to double check the file before hitting the ‘download’ button. The lesson was, people rarely inform you of your mistakes; one individual emailed me to express their concerns and saved the situation and possibly my reputation. 

Without this one communication, the fragmented first draft would still be downloadable on the Kindle page. I talked about this to psychologist friend. Darren laughed as I told him the story: He commented ‘It doesn’t seem to worry you E.’ I replied ‘You cannot write a book called ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’ and harbour worry Darren.’ 

The spiritual will find this book uncomfortable to read. In fact, if you have religious beliefs, the message is, do not waste your money. It is probable some will find it ‘strangely written’ - I hope so, successful people rarely hide in the mists of sameness. And yes, five pounds is expensive for a download. I value my life hours, and all of us should expect rewards for our endeavours, so the price is set accordingly. Incidentally, I priced the book at the cost of a glass of decent wine. The book will not affect the reader in the same way as a glass of vino. The reverse is true, some of the essays will make the reader agitated, and when this occurs, the concept fulfils its purpose.  

It would be easy to claim this book eases every reader from worry. No book could accomplish this promise. We are all different; our life stories make us who we are. Each story is unique. It is impossible for one book, system or method to free every individual from worry. If one reader in five benefits from the philosophies found within ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’ it will be considered a success.

How does the book work?

The idea is, the views within the book are worked through and then questioned. The initial thoughts are about worry being an unsolvable mystery. Which indeed it is, for worries have no solutions. Problems, of course, are a different matter. The trick is to know the difference between worry and problem. The way to become free from anxiety is within reality and not supposition. The reader is asked to question who he is and his real significance to the Universe, World, and the environment.

Many self-help book writers quote the words of millionaires and highly successful people. The inference is, believing the way of the material genii is the way of all men. Inspirational rhetoric is fine in a story, useless in reality. The way of the self-help guru is to interview the famous and/or high achiever and pass the message onto the reader. In an inspirational book, the reader is guided to believe the methods of the one percent are pertinent to the lives of the majority. It sounds good, although what relevance is the lifestyle of a billionaire to a truck driver is a complicated equation to work out.

This book contains the methods of success and failure of real people. There are no inspirational quotes or recycled ideas. I do not search for allies to reinforce my thoughts. I have tested most ideas over ten last ten and lives by the philosophies written about in the twenty-seven essays. Titles range from, Universe, Time, Beliefs, Conscience, Dissolving Worry, Working Through Problems, Wealth, Respect, Criminals, Work and Age. The reader may find a different way of looking at their environment after completing each essay. Every chapter's content pushes the reader to disagree with the sentiments. When this happens, the user is guided to become open minded and out reason the aspects which have caused a problem. As he does so, he learns about the greatest teacher of all. Himself.

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