About Ian Timothy

In 2014 I started to record audio record interviews and produce videos for LizianEvents Ltd. The catalogue of over 200 audio interviews and 105 videos used to promote the business is compelling evidence that success is bound to promotion. LizianEvents is a prosperous and growing business: Media promotion is at the core of its success. Readers of 'How to Create: Publish and Promote a Book' learn how to use the techniques used to increase public awareness of a successful business to promote their book. 


In 2006 I began to write and produce meditational CDs, in 2014 the production came to an end. The recordings offered ideas on 'Critical Thinking' and 'Spiritual Philosophies'. The two avenues are oil and water and sentiments on the various Cd's conflicted. So I decided to withdraw them from sale even though many thousands of copies were sold. My focus became 'writing' and 'critical thinking' not producing meditational recordings.


My motivation is to write and record material which helps writers succeed in selling their work. My desire is for writers to become successful and possibly wealthy from the ideas discovered in my work.

Creativity Connected

Readers can contribute to the Creativity Connected Facebook Groupany ideas or thoughts about 'How to Create: Publish and Promote a Book' or any suggestions relevant to art and creativity is welcome.

Who am I?

I am a full-time freelance writer. My eleven commissioned 'ghostwritten' biographies are a testament to writing ability. My daily work is writing articles and editing submissions for LizianEvents News. This is a regular newsletter read by over eight-thousand people each month. There are over one thousand articles on LizianEvents News, and most are one-thousand words in length. This archive of a million words is my qualification to write 'How to Create: Publish and Create a Book'.

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