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Since 2004 I have read Tarot professionally. However, I ceased to read at psychic fairs in 2016. Since that time, my work is centred on private readings. The preference is to visit each client because of the 'colour interpretation' aspect of the work. Furthermore, the number of readings given are limited to six each week. Therefore, my appointment book is most often complete for weeks ahead. 

For a client to visit and pay for my reading is expensive. Furthermore, they can only select from the dates available in the diary. Therefore, arranging a reading can mean a long wait due to organising the event. However, the reality is, this system has never shortened the waiting list or the number of clients who return for a yearly reading. 

For some time, I have searched for a way to provide an online Tarot reading service. It has to be both secure and have the facility to record the session for the client to refer to the information at later dates. I now have the facility to accomplish the two requirements. There is an added advantage: I can now read for clients from any country.

Clients come from recommendations: this is an excellent testament to the standard of my work. I am guided to expand the reach of my clients. Therefore, online reading is the way to achieve this objective.

The Sitting

At the prearranged date and time, the client is sent an access key: they click on the key to use their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to join me in the reading room. A sitting last no more than an hour, and material - intellectual - emotional - spiritual and creative aspects of the sitter's present situation are covered. The client is guided NOT to talk during the first 20 minutes of the sitting. Specific questions are considered at the end of the consultation.

When finished, the session is downloaded, and a link to the download is emailed to the client. In this way, there is a record of the interpretation for future reference. The video and audio recording is of the highest possible quality, although, remember, we use a secure internet connection. If there is an issue with the connection: a second reading is arranged without charge.


A quality sitting reveals the excellent aspects of the sitter's life: this is countered by areas needing to be addressed. When we find ourselves frozen in time or at a loss to discover ways to security and happiness, The Tarot can provide keys to the future. To correctly interpret the mysteries is something that takes decades of dedication to learn well. The last two decades of my life are dedicated to the daily study of The Tarot and its secrets. There are also twenty years of learning interpretation of the colours selected by clients. This combination of Tarot and Colour reading is unique to Ian Timothy. Moreover, I am proud of the results of the endeavour.


The fee for a one hour sitting is 100 pounds in the UK time zone and 120 pounds for other time zones. Clearly: if I am to work in the middle of the night, there must be compensation. Overseas clients may choose to have their consultation in the UK time zone. If so, the fee is 100 pounds. The total fee is payable at the time of booking.

Privacy of clients is paramount. Therefore, no list of testimonials is written on this page. However, anyone wishing to see written verification of the readings' quality can send an email to receive a letter of testimonials provided by previous clients.

Be assured of a clear, precise and in-depth sitting. Two decades of working with the Tarot and Colour shines through. I am courteous and do not shy from 'uncomfortable' aspects in need of addressing. Long-term and returning clients and the fact client list has grown from recommendation should be seen as an indication of my work's quality.

Use the contact link below to book a consultation.

Ian Timothy 

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